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Why I created the Delphiretirees.com website.      I am a Delphi retiree and want to know as much information about my situation as possible. I found a few Delphi union websites for the different locals and a few retiree sites. None that I found contained up to date information.      The only way to have a site with the ability to instantly post news or messages is by incorporating a bulletin board. Officials or retirees can access the bulletin board 24 hours a day and post messages at any time without having a webmaster accept new content and then add that content to a web site. Posters do  not need to know programming or use a special program. One needs only to log into the message board and post from any computer at any time.      The bulletin board is the focal point of delphiretirees.com!     A bulletin board is organized with different forums. With the forum layout, you can quickly read the official posts from the Local unions on read only forums. You can also post to the regular discussion forums, all from one easy to navigate bulletin board. This will benefit everyone as we will have a one stop web site to browse official announcements from ALL Delphi organizations and exchange information among ourselves.      The message board is free for every retiree, union local, and every Delphi retiree group to use for their information distributing purposes.  This way all retirees will have instant access to the information coming from ALL union locals, retiree groups and retirees. This site is not meant to eliminate any other site, but to compliment it with a venue to post information quickly and easily without having to re-do a web site with each new message. An invitation to ALL  union locals.     If you would like to post to the read only UNION ANNOUNCEMENTS forum on this board for your union announcements, email me and I will set you up with posting authorization on that forum. It is a read only forum, readers can read but not post to that forum.         You will have complete control over your read  only forum with the exclusive ability to add, edit or delete your posts. This will be the quickest and easiest  way for you to get your information out to the retirees and union members. You will be able to post  announcements at any time from any computer directly to your forum.        This site will give you good exposure. There have been over 5000 visits to the home page in it’s first month on  the net. ( sept 13 thru oct 15 ) and over 60,000 hits to the message board.          This is a neutral opinion site designed to gather information.    This site exists strictly for information dispersement.   Any information or opinions are the poster’s opinions. My Bio  I am Gary Hansel. I started as a Tool and Die apprentice at Packard Electric in 1972. I completed my  apprenticeship in 1976 and worked in the toolrooms - depts 952, Plant 8 and 552 for 31 years. I retired in  2003.       Before working for Packard, I served 4 years (1967 - 1971) in the U.S. Air Force during the Viet Nam  era as an NCR 390 computer programmer. When the high tech toolroom was started in dept 552, I was on the  planning committee and became a wire EDM operator - programmer for 10 years before I retired.       Now I design web sites, build computers, troubleshoot and clean customers computers from viruses.
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The history behind this site